2017/2018 Season Registrations are STILL OPEN. Limited spots are still available.

State Relays


The State Relay Championships is the largest event on the LANSW calendar in terms of number of competitors. As the name suggests the Championships are comprised entirely of relay events. There are track relays, field relays, mixed age relays and mixed gender relays. More information about the events that are available at State Relays are listed here. There are also some instances at this carnival where age substitution (up 1 age) is allowed to create a team, but prohibited substitutions are listed here.

The list of events/timetable is available here.

Athletes will be chosen for teams based on availability, interest, commitment and performance. Age managers will be asking athletes for their availability and interest from the first week of the new season. A commitment to compete and the ability to provide a parent/guardian to help is required for those athletes keen to be involved. Parents must also agree to bring their children to the relay practices which we conduct prior to normal Saturday competition in the weeks prior to the carnival.

Teams will be chosen, and athletes advised, around a month before the carnival to allow time to practise baton changes.

Every parent of an athlete chosen to compete will be allocated a job by their child's Age Manager.


Where : SOPAC

Junior Day (U8 to U11) on Saturday 19th November

Senior Day (U12 to U17) on Sunday 20th November

What are the uniform requirements?


All competing athletes must wear their Ryde uniform with registration number, sponsor's patch and age patch attached correctly to the front of their shirt. 


Shorts (the outer garment) must be plain black, no logos, stripes, zips etc and must finish above the knee. Compression wear which is not black must finish above the knee and must be covered by plain black shorts for boys and girls.

If in doubt about your uniform, ask now and give yourself time to get it fixed.

A modified competition with no points will be held at Dunbar for all members not attending State Relays.

More information is available here from the LANSW website. Your age manager can answer any questions about the carnival.