Event Efficiency

Dunbar Event Efficiency

With our increased numbers we are always working on ways to improve our efficiency across every event with a goal of having all events including the Walk and Javelin complete by 11.30am to minimise athlete waiting time. Click on the links below for more efficiency details for each event.


This season we are requesting groups to avoid certain zones for safety and / or  to allow the timers, recorders and starters the room they need to run an event efficiently and accurately. Please check the map for the areas to avoid. Please move between events on the outside of the fence wherever possible.


Last season, we proved our new high jump system is way more efficient when we have large groups at Dunbar. Some groups cut down the time by almost an hour! This allowed us to achieve our goal is on week 1 to have mats packed away by 11am and week 2 by 10.30am


The 3 extra javelin sectors for the 400g throwers increased Javelin participation across the board, while finishing the event by 11.30am most weeks rather than 1.30pm prior to this new system.

Safety Policy for Javelin

Discus Skills Zone Efficiency 2023

Shot put Skills Zone efficiency 2023

We added skills zones for U6 – U8 for discus and shot put behind the equipment shed. The goal of this is to keep the kids active rather than waiting for their turn. We do need all parents of these groups to help keep the kids in their group in line for the coaches and to run these event zones. These are the only events where all parents can follow their kids and learn how to run an event.

Long Jump efficiency 2023

This off season we added an extra 2 long jump pits to reduce wait times here as well.

Discus Cage Efficiency 2023

The discus cages have rear openings and 2 sets of each discus to reduce the wait times between throwers.

400m Marshalling Efficiency 2023

We trialed printer stopwatches to the circular track and proved they save loads of down time on the track. This season we are rolling that out with new rules and guidelines around marshaling and moving outside of the fence after you finish a race. This allows the starters and timers the room they need to be more accurate and more efficient.

200m Marshalling Efficiency 2023

Age Manager Efficiency


We still require all age groups to immediately come to hurdles when called. The reason for this is so the older groups don’t have to wait 60-90 mins for their last event which is 100m hurdles.

This season we have purchased extra timing gates to allow us to add 2 lanes to the hurdles track to allow us to run a hybrid track. (Eg 4 lanes for 100m hurdles and 6 lanes for 80m hurdles). We would appreciate your help, patience and understanding here as we work on systems to improve efficiency at our hurdles track. The goal is to reduce wait times across the board.



We thank you all for taking the time to have a look at the program, 2023 Dunbar ground layout and efficiency documents then use them every week. The philosophy here for us all is to be considerate of every other age group and the program as a whole rather than racing thru your program.

Yes there will be times those smaller groups may need to wait for an event. When that happens, focus on developing your kids as leaders and encourages of any younger group at an event near where you are waiting rather than getting impatient. Who knows you may be developing our next club coach in your group?

The main goal of getting efficient at running our Saturday events with big groups is to have the volunteers to run all of the events every Saturday rather than just relying on the same few every week. The added bonus is the extra funds that come along with those extra regos. With those funds we invest them back with…

  1. Better quality paid coaches for all of our events.
  2. Improve the skills of all of our athletes to open pathways so we develop more to a higher level.
  3. Have the funds to pay our older kids to stay at the club as mentors and coach the younger kids.
  4. Better quality equipment and make improvements to our club and oval.
  5. Support our kids with sponsorship to get to the next level of athletics weather that’s at a club level with uniforms or sponsoring kids to get to national level events.

All of these things become possible if the club is in a healthy financial position. To maintain those bigger rego numbers we need to be able to manage our Saturday morning program efficiently. As with anything new this will take a bit of tweaking and getting used to the new system. We improved so much last season and we are looking forward to improving again this season.  Any feedback is greatly appreciated.