Social Athletics

Social Athletics…
For Adults at Dunbar

We are running an 8 week athletics program on a Saturday morning warm starting at 10.15on 19th November.

Just 1 track and then 1 field event per week.

Open to anyone born before 2005.

Cost $50 for the season.

Register here

  • For Fun
  • For Fitness
  • For end of season points and medals

Planned program

19/11/22          400m & Discus (must be on week 2 program week)

26/11/22          100m & Shot  (must be on week 1 program week) fun relay

10/12/22         800m & HJ (must be on week 2 program week)

17/12/22         200m & LJ (must be on week 1 program week)

21/01/23         Ryde Games (TBC if part of the program or separate)

28/01/23        Jav & Hammer

11/02/23         400m & Discus (must be on week 2 program week)

18/02/23         100m & Shot  (must be on week 1 program week) fun relay

25/02/23         200m & LJ (must be on week 1 program week)

04/03/23       800m & HJ (must be on week 2 program week)

11/03/23         Jav & Hammer

If we get rained out we can do a mid week make up evening or miss a week

Program subject to change based on numbers and little A’s program.

Weeks may need to swap to match little A’s program week if we get rained out.



Can’t wait to see you at the track!

Click here to register.

Dunbar Logistics

  • The track event will be first aiming for a 10.30 am start time. It will be the last track event of Little A’s just before the timing teams pack up the track.
  • Keep helping at your Little A’s event but start warming up about 10am.
  • We will make a PA announcement 15mins before the track event starts
  • After the track event you may go back to your helper location or start the field event straight away. Work together to make sure we can all have a go.


What LANSW provide:

  • Year round membership and insurance for the parent or athlete participating
  • FREE entry into a 4x100m relay event at State Relays (Saturday afternoon/evening) – fun event where the kids can cheer them on (subject to capacity)
  • Opportunity to participate at State Cross Country, State Combined Carnival and other future events at an additional fee
  • Dedicated carnival to be held in 2023 (pending numbers) – this will focus on fun and fitness
  • Bib

Specifications and Uniforms

  • Events, weights and specifications are the same as the U17’s.
  • Not required to wear a uniform. They would be encouraged to wear colours similar to that of the Little Athletics Centre they are aligned to when participating at LANSW events.

Registrations and Results

  • Registrations via Game Day. Click here
  • Results recording – We are investigating if/how we can use timing solutions. Details TBC
  • The aim of this product is fun and encouraging family engagement.

Cost – $50    Details Aaron will email final details to you on the 16th of November by 8pm.



  • For existing seniors joining socials they get full unrestricted access to social athletics with medals and on line results for $10. Payable at the canteen on their first day.
  • Seniors Club Champs are usually held on a Sunday morning in November and February  at Dunbar. Dates TBC via fb and email. Depending on the day events offered include hammer throw, discus, 1500m, high jump, long jump, 100m 400m, 800m, triple jump, shot put, javelin and the 1500m walk. Results of all competitors are published in the Senior Footprint newsletter.
  •  Ryde Social Athletes can upgrade their membership during the season at a discount rate to be able to compete at all ANSW events. For further information on those events and contact details for registration see our Seniors Page.