Contact Information


Club contacts


Donna Armstrong
Juniors President
Mail: president@ryde-athletics.org.au


Aaron McGregor

Juniors Vice President


Jannet Pawsey
Juniors Secretary
Mail: secretary@ryde-athletics.org.au


Erica Cox
Coaching Co-ordinator
Mail: coaching@ryde-athletics.org.au


Kerryn Martin
Juniors Registrar
Mail: registrar@ryde-athletics.org.au


Briana Shorten
Juniors Publicity and News
Mail: publicity@ryde-athletics.org.au


Greg Low


Mail: results@ryde-athletics.org.au



Championship Officers

Mail: rydelittleachamps@gmail.com


School Hire Enquiries

Mail: schoolhires@ryde-athletics.org.au


Simon Bergfield
Seniors President
Mail: sbergfield@hotmail.com
Ross Forster
Seniors Registrar & Enquiries
Mail: jrossforster@optusnet.com.au


Louise Bergfield
Seniors Publicity
Mail: lbergfield@hotmail.com







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