The answers to most of your Little As questions are here

The answers to most of your Little As questions are here

When is the season?    From the last Saturday in August through to the last Saturday in March. There is a break over the Christmas and New Year holidays

Where?   Dunbar Park, Sobraon Rd, Marsfield

Time?   Saturday Mornings from 8:am. See our program page HERE. Saturday’s is our main competition days. If you can’t make it one week that’s ok, no need to let anyone know. There is optional training on Tuesday’s and Wednesdays.

When do they finish?  Each age group will do 6 events each week. We work on a two week program. Age groups finish between 10am-11am just depending on what events they have that week. Older children who do Javelin will finish later as they don’t compete until the track is clear

How does the morning work? Your child will meet their Age Manager and Assistant. They will have the same people with them all morning. These people will be the same every week (unless they are away) so your child will get to know their Age Manager. The Age Manager will walk the group to all of the different events during the morning and when they are finished they will ensure that they are returned to you.

How much?
Little Athletics Registration Fees for online registrations for the 2020-21 Season are:
$150 for the first child in your family

$130 for the second child in your family

$110 for every child there after

Tiny Tots $95
Tiny tots (ages 3 and 4)

Uniform Prices for 2020-21 Season

Unisex T-Shirts (Size 6-22)
Ladies’ Singlets (G6-10, L8-18)
Men’s Singlets (Size 10-20)
Ladies’ Crop Tops

Can I have a trial session to see if I want to join?   Unfortunately this season there are no trials

How can I Register ?   Register online and pay by credit card by clicking here.

What to bring?   Hat, comfortable running shoes, sun-screen and water bottle.

How to pay?   Online only

Documents to provide?
We need to sight your child’s Birth certificate, Blue Book or Passport to make sure they register in the right age group.

What do I do as a parent?
Parents are required to stay each Saturday and help out on the oval as an official/helper or alternatively can help with the BBQ or Canteen. Little A’s can only continue with the support of the parents involved in the morning activities, and this is why we need your help . You will not be able to walk around with your child and their age group

What age groups?
Athletes can register from the age of 3. Age groups are determined by age of the child as at midnight on 31 December, e.g. a child who has already turned 8 as at midnight on 31st December will be registered and will compete as an Under 9 Little Athlete. This is not able to be changed by us – age groupings are strictly adhered to as a requirement of LANSW.

What events can my child do?
Each week we alternate on a Week 1 and Week 2 program.
Depending on their age, children get a variety of track and field events such as:
Track – 70 m, 100 m, 200 m, 400 m, 700 m, 800 m, 1500 m , 3000m, hurdles and race walking.
Field – Long Jump, Triple Jump, Shot Put, Discus, High Jump, and Javelin

What do the Tiny Tots do each Saturday?
If your child is a Tiny Tot, they will participate in play activities, mainly in their own area outside the track. Tots usually spend some time on the track as well where they run, have relays, and long jump into the sandpit to get them used to the track, running in lanes, and queueing for their turn, amongst other things! The activities are designed to develop some of the gross motor skills and co-ordination used in later years for athletics, eg throwing bean bags jumping, running, etc .

A parent of the Tot stays with them and helps with the activities. All the Tots’ parents take a turn in organising and leading the activities for the group. The Tots’ program starts at 8.30 and usually finishes by 9.30. No times or places are recorded for them.