Coaching – 2023

Welcome to the wonderful world of track and field! 

A sport with something for everyone!  

There is no better feeling for athletes than achieving a new personal best (PB’s) and seeing our athletes’ faces light up with pride is just a special for parents/guardians and coaches.

All athletes benefit from coaching whether they are new to athletics or an experienced competitor.  Coaching provides opportunities to improve overall skill, strength and fitness so that achieving PB’s becomes a regular event.

Our coaching program allows athletes to learn and develop skills across multiple events offered through little A’s.  At Ryde we provide coaching across sprinting, middle distance, hurdles, jumps and throwing events.

Many younger competitors show good athletic ability but need coaching to develop this natural talent to a level where they are proficient and can produce their best results.  Often it takes a number of years to discover the event athletes are most suited to. Many of our state and national champions joined the club at an early age, competing in a variety of disciplines before finding their best event.

Our coaching program provides progressive coaching depending on your athlete’s ability and skill across a number of disciplines. Variety and quality are our focus.

For example:  With our youngest athletes more emphasis is placed on developing athletic fundamental skills and competences needed to support them as they progress.  At the outset, we aim to provide an inclusive environment where the breadth of athletics can be explored.

With practice children develop movement patterns and coordination, that progresses to developing technique, strength and fitness so that they can focus on the more technically challenging areas of the many events athletics has to offer.


Coaching Team

The perfect blend of experience and youth

Our coaches have many years of experience both competing and coaching their specific event/s and volunteer their time to develop future athletes in a safe and supportive environment.  

This year we have a number of skilled senior athletes who excel in their events and will be joining our coaching team.  They are mentored by the senior coaching team and provide a youthful and fresh approach for our club.

Coaching Fee’s and FAQ

At Ryde our 2022/2023 season is an exciting time with a change to the way we provide weekly coaching.

This year a small annual opt-in fee of $20 will allow registered athletes to access multiple training sessions in a week.  These will range from beginner (fundamental skills) sessions to more technical event specific coaching.  This nominal amount helps the club to secure and retain coaches and purchase additional training equipment whilst continuing to provide quality sessions to our registered athletes.

With an increasing number of athletes interested in weekly coaching we are expanding our coaching team and number of sessions offered.  We are now in a position to provide technically specific coaching for middle distance, sprints, hurdles, jumps and throwing events.

Payment for this can be done at time of annual registration or through the canteen on a Saturday morning at anytime during the season.

Payment can be made here if not already paid for during the registration process.


What ages are catered to?  Coaching is available for athletes U6-U17.
How many sessions are run in a week?  On average 10 different coaching 45min / 1 hour sessions across Mon-Thurs.
How do we sign up?   Provided you have paid the coaching levy you will have access to the online coaching portal, where you can book in your athletes sessions for the coming week.  
Do sessions run throughout the holidays?  No, athletes do need time off and recovery is essential for a healthy body

Training Days and Times

Training sessions are run throughout the week (Monday – Thursday) afternoons at Dunbar Park.

Session times vary dependent on individual coaches with multiple sessions being run each afternoon.

Athletes who opt-in for coaching will have a range of coaching sessions to choose from and will be required to use the weekly online sign up roster to manage athlete numbers per session.   

Training commences mid September over a 10 week period (with small hiatus during school holidays) and concludes the week of the Zone Championships being held in December. 

Training will then recommence after Zone and conclude the week prior to State Championships in March 2023.

A parent or guardian must attend training to supervise their child/ren and be available to help with set up and pack away.

Important note – Parents are required to be present at Dunbar Park during coaching sessions and assist when requested. If this requirement is not met then the Ryde Athletics committee reserves the right to remove athletes from the coaching program.

Click here for a draft timetable for training/coaching

Stages of Development

Little Athletics recognises that children are not simply small-scale adults. 

As such, Little Athletics is divided into a number of stages, with the desired outcomes for each stage providing a suitable environment for the enjoyment and development of the participant. In combination, the stages provide a smooth progression to lifelong sporting activity, whether at a competitive or social level.

Athletes will compete in a number of different events across a Saturday morning and are guided by their age managers to understand and learn the fundamentals involved with each event.

For more progression weekly coaching is recommended to athletes who wish to develop their natural ability, develop improved technique and train for specific events.



Further Information and Becoming A Coach

Coaching is an extremely rewarding experience, especially when a young athlete tells you through a huge smile how they achieved a personal best. The sense of achievement as your athletes improve is wonderful. New coaches are always welcome. We can assist with coach education and mentoring.

We will ensure that you feel part of the team. If you would like to gain some coaching qualifications and join our team as a coach, please email coaching@ryde-athletics.org.au

The LANSW website also lists coaching courses available throughout the year.