Athletes must compete in the Ryde Centre uniform each Saturday and at LANSW competition events.

Shirts/singlets can only be purchased from the club. Black shorts, can be purchased at the usual sporting outlets.

Girls: Centre T shirt, singlet or crop top with black shorts or bike pants.
Boys: Centre T shirt or singlet with black running shorts.
The athlete’s individual registration number is to be sewn on to the front of the shirt, singlet or crop top with red border fully visible. The age group number is sewn on the front left hand side of the shirt and the COLES patch is sewn on the front right hand side of the shirt.


Please note that it is essential that each age and number patch be sewn on as one piece and all LANSW sponsorship logos remain visible. Failure to do so may result in disqualification at LANSW events and could also jeopardise sponsorship (an important factor in keeping membership costs to a minimum).

It is compulsory that all athletes wear some form of footwear. Running shoes with spikes are only to be worn while actually competing in an event. Between events they must be removed and carried by hand, otherwise they will be confiscated for the remainder of the day’s events. Spikes may only be worn by athletes in the age groups under 11 and above. When sitting in groups waiting to compete, do not sit with spikes facing other people. Running shoes with the spikes removed are not permitted at any time.

The maximum length spike permitted at Dunbar Park for RACI events is 9mm. Grass spikes are not permitted on the tartan long jump run ups. Athletes not wishing to change spike types between events should use tartan spikes.

It is also recommended that hats be worn, sunscreen applied at regular intervals and a water bottle or spray be carried during the days competition.