Registrations for 2024/25 season will open in August!

Registrations will be via the below link

Instructions for how to register can be found via this link (Have your ACTIVE KIDS VOUCHER ready before commencing registration – more info below)

Registration fees for the 2024- 2025 season can only be paid online.

For those that register by 22/08/24 the fees are TBC;

  • 1st child $
  • 2nd child $
  • 3rd-5th child/ren $
  • Tiny Tots $ (fee includes a Tots shirt)

For those that register after 22/08/24 there will be an additional $10 fee per registration.

We strongly encourage members to register prior to 22/08/24.

Some general information for Little Athletics registrations

No registration is complete or valid unless the full payment of fees has been made.

NB. In accordance with LANSW policy, as stated in their registration declaration, registration fees are non refundable.

If you are a new registration, you must provide Proof of Age before we can release your registration number. An original birth certificate, passport, notification of birth or hospital blue book are all acceptable forms of proof. Remember that the age group you are in is determined by your age as at midnight 31 December. For example, if you are 8 years old on this day, you will compete as an under 9 athlete. This ruling is strictly adhered to and we cannot put children in incorrect age groups.

We have limited internet access at Dunbar Park so we cannot confirm your online registration if you do not bring your invoice or receipt when you come to collect your registration number. Please complete your online registration before 5pm on the day before you come to collect!

Having registered online your registration numbers will be available for collection: on Collection Day or on the first Saturday of competition after you have completed your online registration.

If you are collecting your numbers at the track, please remember to bring your safety pins to attach your numbers!

Senior registration costs should be obtained from the Registrar or President on Registration Day.

Can I register after the season starts?
We take registrations all competition season. Just register online before 5pm Friday and come to Dunbar the following day between 8am and 10am to collect your numbers. It is better for you to register before the season starts as this saves a lot of queuing and gets you onto the track faster! We strongly recommend pre-season registration.

Can I try Little As before I register?  Trials will be held in October. If age groups reach capacity then trials for that group will be cancelled. You will be advised via e mail. Please register your interest for trials HERE

The $50 Active Kids Vouchers can be used during the registration process.
Apply for your Active Kids Voucher before you go online to register.  Applications can be made here 
Be sure to have your voucher ready BEFORE you start the Little Athletics registration process.

What to bring?   Hat, comfortable running shoes, sun-screen and water bottle.

How to pay?   Online only

Documents to provide?
We need to sight your child’s Birth certificate, Blue Book or Passport to make sure they register in the right age group.

What age groups?
Athletes can register from the age of 4. Age groups are determined by age of the child as at midnight on 31 December, e.g. a child who has already turned 8 as at midnight on 31st December will be registered and will compete as an Under 9 Little Athlete. This is not able to be changed by us – age groupings are strictly adhered to as a requirement of LANSW.


What events can my child do?
Each week we alternate on a Week 1 and Week 2 program.
Depending on their age, children get a variety of track and field events such as:
Track – 70m, 100m, 200m, 400m, 700m, 800m, 1500m , 3000m, hurdles and race walking.
Field – Long Jump, Triple Jump, Shot Put, Discus, High Jump, and Javelin

Weekly Programs

Our weekly programs are available here

Uniforms will be available to purchase during the registration process. It is preferable to buy uniforms at the time of registration. Uniform purchases will also be available on collection day (subject to availability).

When can I purchase a uniform?

-Athletes must compete in the Ryde Centre uniform each Saturday, at LANSW competition events, and if dual registered, at ANSW events

-Girls: Centre T shirt, singlet or crop top with black shorts or bike pants.

-Boys: Centre T shirt or singlet with black running shorts.

Shirts/singlets/crop tops can only be purchased from the club.

Black shorts, can be purchased at the usual sporting outlets.

-The athlete’s individual registration number is to be sewn on to the front of the shirt, singlet or crop top with red border fully visible.

-The age group number is sewn on the front left hand side of the shirt or shorts and the COLES patch is sewn on the front right hand side of the shirt.

-Tots have their own shirt provided by the club and registration number is to be affixed to the front of the shirt. Tots may also wear a club uniform shirt if they choose.

-We have a collection of second hand uniforms available if anyone wants to donate their preloved uniforms or if the cost of new uniforms is prohibitive.

Uniform Prices for 2024-25 Season

Unisex T-Shirts (Size 6-22)
Ladies’ Singlets (G6-10, L8-18)
Men’s Singlets (Size 10-20)
Ladies’ Crop Tops

Parent declaration and working with children declaration?
You will also be required to confirm you have read and understand the parent/guardian declaration and provide your Centre with a completed Little Athletics NSW Working with Children declaration.

What do I do as a parent?
Parents are required to stay each Saturday and help out on the oval as an official/helper or alternatively can help with the BBQ or Canteen. Little A’s can only continue with the support of the parents involved in the morning activities, and this is why we need your help. You will not be able to walk around with your child and their age group. Our volunteers coordinator can help you choose which event to help with if you are unsure.

Children must not be left unattended at Dunbar Park.
A parent or guardian must remain at the grounds. 

What do the Tiny Tots do each Saturday?
If your child is a Tiny Tot, they will participate in play activities, mainly in their own area. Tots usually spend some time on the track where they run, have relays, and long jump into the sandpit to get them used to the track, running in lanes, and queuing for their turn, amongst other things! The activities are designed to develop some of the gross motor skills and co-ordination used in later years for athletics, eg throwing bean bags jumping, running, etc .

A parent of the Tot stays with them and helps with the activities. All the Tots’ parents take a turn in organising and leading the activities for the group. The Tots’ program starts at 8.30 and usually finishes by 9.30. No times or places are recorded for them.

What happens if it rains?
Due to the low impact nature of athletics, council usually gives us permission to make the decision about conducting events at Dunbar Park.  We will only cancel competition if the track is deemed unsafe to conduct any events. We may use the wet weather program if necessary. If you are unsure about morning competition, it is worthwhile making the trip to the ground as it is likely to be usable.
Cancellations will be posted on the home page of this website and on social media.

Achievement levels

Follow this link for information on our achievement levels.

Rules of Competition 

LANSW Rules of Competition

Canteen and BBQ
We are very  fortunate at Ryde Athletics to have a well stocked canteen and a popular BBQ stall. Our canteen has all the usual favourites including cold drinks, ice blocks, snacks and (very importantly) coffee! Our BBQ caters for both meat and vegetable lovers with options such as sausages, eggs, bacon and mixed vegetables!

*Please note; cash and EFTPOS/tap payments at the canteen, EFTPOS/tap payments only at the BBQ.


Ryde Athletics uses TeamApp (available to download to your smart phone here), FacebookInstagram, Emails and our website to communicate with our club members.