Registration for the 2020-21 season will open at the start of August.
When registrations open, you will need to register online.
Registration fees for the 2020-21 season can only be paid online:
$150 for the first athlete in a family
$130 for the second
$110 for further children
Tiny Tots $95

Some general information for Little Athletics registrations

No registration is complete or valid unless the full payment of fees has been made. NB. In accordance with LANSW policy, as stated in their registration declaration, registration fees are not refundable. Families who are unsure about whether to register should carefully read the “Can I try your sport before I register?” section below and consider trialling Little As.
If you are a new registration, you must provide Proof of Age before we can release your registration number. An original birth certificate, passport, notification of birth or hospital blue book are all acceptable forms of proof. Remember that the age group you are in is determined by your age as at midnight 31 December. For example, if you are 8 years old on this day, you will compete as an under 9 athlete. This ruling is strictly adhered to and we cannot put children in incorrect age groups.
We have limited internet access at Dunbar Park so we cannot confirm your online registration if you do not bring your invoice or receipt when you come to collect your books and registration number. If you would like your books to be ready for collection, please complete your online registration before 5pm on the day before you come to collect!
How do we register Online?
All new and current members are able to register online. Current members will be sent a reminder with their logon details.
Athletes registered last season require their username and password to re-register online. These details have been sent to the email address you provided when you registered last year. If you have lost or forgotten these codes, please use the “Username and Password” function within the online registration (OLR) system menu, and we will resend the access codes to you.
For screen-by-screen instructions, please refer to: HOW TO REGISTER ONLINE

Online Registration Choices
1 Little Athlete
2 or more Little Athletes
New registration?
Select “New Registration” and choose the correct age group for the athlete. You will be sent a username and password after the registration is complete.
Select “Family Registration” and choose the correct family size. You will then be asked to complete a data entry page for each little athlete. You will be sent usernames and passwords for each athlete when the registration is complete.
Re – registering?
Select “Existing Members”, enter your username and password and login. After logging in, choose “Registration Renewal” and complete the registration.
Select “Family Registration” and choose the correct family size. After completing the declaration page, you will then be asked to choose the correct age group for your first family member and to complete a data entry page for each little athlete. At the top of that personal data page, a “Login” button will appear. This is the time to enter the username and password for the first of your family members who is re-registering this season. Make any changes required and continue this process for each family member you are registering. If one of your family members is a new registration, just ignore the “Login” button when it appears at the top of the personal data screen and enter all the required data.
Want to pay by Credit Card? (Master or Visa)? Choose: “Submit Application and Pay” You will be given the opportunity to print a receipt. You will need the receipt to collect your number and books package.

What should I do if another family member wants to join after I have finished my online registration?
Register the extra athlete/s in person on Registration Day or at the track on any competition Saturday from the first Saturday in September. This way you will not be charged more than our family rates.
What should I do if some of my family members are too old for Little Athletics, and would like to join Ryde Seniors’ Division?
This system is for Little Athletics registrations only, so do not use this system for your family’s registration. Instead, please contact the Registrar so as we can explain the best registration options for your family.

I don’t like the username and password. Can I change them?
This can be done at any time by choosing “Login” and entering your username and password. Then go to “Member’s Section” and change them to something more user friendly! Use this function during the season to update any other details, especially contact details and email addresses.

When you come to collect your registration number and book, you will need to bring:
The OLR invoice if you elected to “submit application only”. This will be used by the Treasurer to collect your payment in cash or by cheque for the registration fees. You will then receive a receipt from the Treasurer.
The OLR receipt if you elected to “submit application and pay”.

Proof of Age for any athletes who have not registered with us before.

Having registered online, your numbers and books will be available for collection:
on Book Collection Day, if you completed your registration by 5pm 18th August 2018;
on the first Saturday of competition after you have completed your online registration. Our first Saturday of competition is 8th September, 2018
If you are collecting your numbers at the track, please remember to bring your safety pins to attach your numbers!
When can I purchase a uniform?
All uniform items will be available for purchase  on most competition Saturdays. We can accept payments by cash or card this day, but, like registrations, no uniform purchase can be completed without full payment.
Please note that all athletes, other than Tots, are required to wear the centre uniform. We sell these uniforms at cost to keep the expense to families as low as possible.

Senior registration costs should be obtained from the Registrar or President on Registration Day.

Can I register after the season starts?
We take registrations all competition season, September through March. Just register online before 5pm Friday and come to Dunbar the following day between 8 am and 10am to collect your numbers. It is better for you to register before the season starts as this saves a lot of queuing and gets you onto the track faster! We strongly recommend pre-season registration.

Can I try Little As before I register?
Unfortunately due to COVID we will not be running trials this season.

Any Other Information?
Please visit our FAQ and if you still have questions, please contact us.