Interested in becoming an Official?

We need more officials!


Ryde Athletics would like to invite all volunteers who are interested in becoming accredited Officials to complete the Level 1 Officials Course on the Athletics Australia website.

The online Officials’ course is part of the Australian Athletics Officials’ Education Scheme (AAOES). The Australian Athletics Officials’ Education Scheme is a joint initiative by Athletics Australia. It provides an education pathway for Australian Athletics Officials. This scheme is also endorsed by the Australian Sports Commission.

Ryde Athletics wishes to support the Australian Athletics Officials’ Education Scheme (AAOES) by encouraging as many volunteers to become involved and to get accredited. To all the volunteers that have been thinking about getting involved – we encourage you to complete an online E-learning module!

Sign up now to complete a Level 1 Officials Course by clicking here.

You will be directed to the Athletics Australia website where you can begin your Officials’ journey. Choose an event and get started! Get accredited now!

A Level 1 is a Basic Grading which is aimed at Officials wishing to officiate at a local/club/centre/school level.

Your knowledge, expertise and accreditation will benefit all the athletes at Ryde Athletics. With your knowledge and training you will be able to better assist all athletes to perform to their very best.

Many of our volunteers have already started their education pathway by completing the Level 1 Officials’ course.

Sign up now and join the other Officials’ at Ryde Athletics who already contribute and make a difference.
Click here to start your online Officials Level 1 E-learning module
Choose an event and get started.

Courses take about 30-45 minutes to complete.