Seniors’ Information 2023/24

Seniors has traditionally covered athletes from the age of U11 up to Opens and Masters. From the 2023/24 season, opportunities will also be offered to younger athletes, who wish to register with Athletics NSW.


What are the new offerings?

ANSW have proposed the following membership classes  for the 2023/24 season on;

ANSW Kids (ages 3-7yrs) $30 + Club fee*

ANSW Youth (ages 8-12yrs) $40+ Club fee*

ANSW Juniors (13-16yrs) $40+Club fee*

ANSW Juniors (17-19yrs) $90 + Club fee ($50)

ANSW Open Age athletes $140+ Club fee ($50)

Concession card membership $110 – Club fee ($50)

ANSW Community Athlete $50 (includes Club fee)

*If you are registered as a Ryde Little Athlete for the 2023/24 season you do not have to pay the additional Club fee, only the ANSW fee . If you are registered at another Little Athletics Club you will have to pay the $50 Club membership fee to be a financial member of Ryde Athletics.

How do the age groups work?

For registration, the group above will be determined by the age you turn in the year you register.

For ANSW competitions, age is based on the athlete’s age on 31st December in the year of competition. For an athlete born in 2010 they would be considered a 13yr old or U14 for competition in 2023, and then for competition in 2024 they would be considered a 14yr old or U15 athlete.

It is different to Little Athletics in that athletes age groups goes up on the 1st January each year so they will be in different age groups across the same season for ANSW events.

For Masters athletes, age is determined by actual age at date of competition.



If I am aged between 3-16 do I have to join Ryde Little Athletics as well?

No you do not, but we traditionally encourage our Senior athletes to join Little Athletics as well so you can compete across both Little Athletics and Seniors and maximise your competition opportunities.

What if I do not want to join Little Athletics?

That is up to you and for some athletes, eg;  those who do summer school sport, those who want to specialise in some events, have a Saturday morning job or training, only joining Seniors may be a better option.

With the changes to membership offered by ANSW you will save money by only paying to join ANSW as a Youth or Junior member. Remember though if you are not registered as a Ryde Little Athlete you will not be able to compete in any Little Athletics events including Little A Zone, Region, State or be a member of a Ryde Little A State Relays.


Do you recommend that children aged 3-7yrs should join ANSW?

At this point we do not have a lot of information as to what ANSW Kids will be offering.

Whilst any decision to join is up to you, we believe that for these young age groups the foundation work that Ryde Little Athletics offers on a Saturday morning is a better choice for these age groups. There is greater opportunity to build the basic skills of an athlete at Dunbar and we believe it is better that they compete amongst their age peers at that age.

Do you recommend children  aged 8-11yrs should join ANSW?

Again, we believe that the Little Athletics competition offered at Dunbar and supplemented by State Relays, Zone, Region & State is a good pathway for these young athletes.

For some of the older athletes in this group though who are interested in exploring competition beyond Little A, you might want to consider joining Seniors to access the additional competition opportunities via the ANSW Pathway.

The ANSW Youth membership does come with the opportunity to compete at the ANSW Regions and State events.  (These are different to the Little A zone, region, state events but could be a good way to supplement high level competition.) The Treloar Shield will feature an Under 12 age group and allow athletes to compete down to 9 years in 2023. This will be same minimum age group for the  ANSW State Relays.

We suggest you consider all the information that ANSW provides before deciding whether to pay your ANSW membership fee. Also please note that for ANSW Region and State events, the athlete pays the entry fee.


What about ages 12yrs and up, should they join ANSW?

We believe that ANSW does offer a good range of competition for athletes from this age up through Opens and Masters athletes. Many athletes by this age are starting to specialise in some events, or want to compete in new events that aren’t offered at little Athletics (eg hammer, pole vault, steeplechase (14yrs up)  etc).  If athletics is your go to sport, then we would recommend registering as an ANSW athlete.

For athletes who have aged out of Little Athletics, are finishing school, parents, open age athletes etc. then ANSW is your go to venue for a wide range of athletics over summer as well as cross country over winter.

How do I register as a Kid, Youth, Junior, Open, Concession athlete?

You register via the ANSW Website. Here is a link to the Ryde registration page. New members can register anytime of the year. For 2022/23 members you can register from 4th October 2023.

Once registered for the 2023/24 season your membership will run for one year from the day you register. This means in future, there will be no registration open day. This will benefit athletes who may want to register in the winter season as it will also cover them for the coming summer.

Please note ANSW do not issue refunds in any circumstances.


Why does it show “Non Ryde Little A’s”  and “Dual Ryde Little A’s” as membership options on the ANSW registration page?

This is because Ryde Little Athletes have already paid a Ryde Club membership fee as part of their Ryde Little A fee. For athletes joining from other Little Athletics Clubs you do need to pay a Ryde Club membership fee to be a financial member of the club in order to contribute to our running costs as well as to be eligible for relay teams, trophies, club sports grants.

Please ensure you use the correct membership type when registering.

Where can I get more information on all these ANSW Membership types?

You can follow this link to their website.

 The NSW All Schools Track & Field Championships 

These Championships are open to all high school students from the age of 12 to 19yrs. There is no entry standard or qualifying event you just register and pay at ANSW on line for the events you want to enter.   In 2023 they will be held over two weekends. This is a Championships event for qualification to the Australian All Schools Championships in December.

·         16-19yrs* –  23rd-25th Septemberlink to further details and entry here

·         12-15yrs* – 6th-8th Octoberlink to further details and entry here

*age as at 31st December 2023


The Primary School Challenge

The NSW Primary Schools Challenge is a fun and inclusive competition targeting primary school athletes in NSW. It is run in conjunction with the NSW All Schools Championships. Please note this is NOT a championships event for primary school athletes – that is run via School Sport NSW through the PSSA Championships. It is however an opportunity to compete in the lead up to PSSA region and State.

The events will be conducted in age groups 10, 11 and 12-13 years of age for able bodied athletes and 10 -12 years for Para athletes.

Year born 2013 2012 2011 2010
Age Group – Able Bodied 10 11 12/13 12/13
Age Group – Para 10-13 10-13 10-13 10-13


For further details or to register follow this link.




Ryde Athletics extends beyond just children and young adults. Anyone can join Ryde Seniors as an Open Athlete (which includes Masters if you are 30yrs or over) or you can join as a Community Athlete.


Community Athlete – Ryde Social Athletics

This is the membership you might want to take up if you only want to compete at Saturday morning Social Athletics at Dunbar Oval and perhaps pick up some coaching as well. Our Ryde Community Athlete membership offers;

  • Registration fee of $50 for twelve months.
  • Compete at the Saturday morning Ryde Social Athletics – two events held on Saturdays including track, jumps and throws (program and dates tbc)
  • Personal Accident Insurance coverage
  • If you change your mind and want to do Masters, then there is the ability to convert to Masters membership at any time for only an additional $140 (ie your $50 paid to ANSW will be used as a credit).
  • Compete & break senior club records at the Ryde Senior Club Championships held twice yearly.
  • Access to free track coaching from Ryde Seniors’ coach
  • News updates from ANSW and Seniors Footprint newsletters keeping you informed throughout the season.
  • Ready to register? Go to our registration page here


Opens (including Masters) Athlete

Ryde Open & Masters athletes have access to all the benefits listed above for Community athletes as well as access to compete across all Athletics NSW events (apart from school age ones). We have a number of Masters athletes competing for Ryde across all events and successfully entered Masters teams in State Relays and Cross Country over the past twelve months. Ten of our athletes competed at the Australian Masters Title in 2023.

ANSW Athletes of any age can compete in other States, including state championships as well.

Our members have enjoyed the supportive, collaborative style of athletics that is open to Masters age athletes. We’d love to see more sign up.

Masters membership in 2023/24 is $190 or if you have a concession card, $160.

Ready to register? Go to our registration page here



Please refer to the ANSW calendar throughout the season.


What events are open to me as an ANSW registered athlete?

Unlike Little Athletics where competition is based at the home ground, Senior Athletics is spread across Sydney and brings athletes from all different clubs together to compete.  Athletic events are run every weekend and some week nights too.  You can access the ANSW Calendar to see what is available here.  It also means there are new events you can contest (depending on your age) such as the hammer throw, steeplechase, 400m hurdles and pole vault.

ANSW Athletes of any age can compete in other States, including state championships as well.

At this point we do not believe there are any events open to Kids members apart from U7 &U8’s being able to enter the ANSW Regionals. We understand that athletes aged 9 will be permitted to do Treloar Shield & State Relays.  We do know that the events below are open to athletes turning  12 and up by 31st December 2023.  



·         The NSW State 3000m Championships will be held on the 4th November at ES Marks. There are various graded races run over the evening and it is a good way to challenge yourself above club level.

·         ANSW Senior State Relays– will be held the weekend of 18th – 19th November at SOPAC.  Similar to  the Little A Relays, teams are made up of four athletes competing in various field or track relays. Unlike Little A there are no real limits as to how many events an athlete can compete in and athletes can compete in multiple events in different age groups. Track events run in ages from U14, U16, U18, opens & masters and field events U14, U18, Masters and Opens.

·         The Albie Thomas Mile & Supporting events will be held on the 23rd December at the Crest Bass Hill. High level athletes compete for money prizes. Many supporting events are also on offer.

·         For something a bit different , the State 60m championships are held in January each year at the Kerryn McCann Athletics Centre in Wollongong.

·        The NSW Combined Event ChampionshipsThe . If you are a talented all rounder then this could be the event for you. The event is usually run over a weekend in January. This is a mix of jumps throws, sprints, middle distance and hurdles.

·         The NSW Masters is usually held in February. This is open to athletes aged 30yrs and up and is a great way to get involved again in sport!

·         Our middle-distance runners can have a crack at the 5000m event when the State Champs are held usually in February.

·         NSW Junior Athletics Championships are open to athletes from 12-19yrs and are usually held in February at SOPAC and are one means by which athletes can qualify to compete at the Australian Track & Field Championships which will be held in Adelaide in 2024.

·         NSW Open Championships are open to all ages but the events run are Open events so weights, heights and distances are Open specifications. This carnival is usually in March at SOPAC



·         Allcomers competitions & Treloar Shield are open to all Athletics NSW registered athletes. The competition is graded allowing athletes of similar ability and standard to compete against one another. These will run most weeks and pretty much run to a strict timetable.  These are usually permit meets ie an athlete can achieve a qualifying standard to compete at the Australian Championships

·         Permit Meets. An Athletics NSW permit meet is an athletics competition run by a NSW club that has been awarded permit status by Athletics NSW. These meets are conducted under IAAF rules, and allow athletes to qualify for National Championships and be eligible for rankings. Many of the competitions will have a specific focus, for instance, a throws only or a verticals jumps meet. The NSW Throwers Club runs shot, discus and hammer meets and again details are on the ANSW

·         Club based events. Clubs can run their own events and open them up to dual registered athletes.  You can find further details on these on the ANSW Calendar and it’s likely more will be added during the season.

·         Ryde Senior Club Championships are usually held in October/November and February on a Sunday morning at Dunbar and are open to our dual registered and ANSW registered athletes and Social athletes. Depending on the day events offered include hammer throw, discus, 1500m, high jump, long jump, 100m 400m, 800m triple jump shot put, javelin and the 1500m walk. Results of all competitors are published in the Senior Footprint newsletter.

·         Winter Competition – is also available. It  primarily comprises cross country and road walking events conducted by ANSW, or other clubs with the permission of ANSW.



How do I compete at these events and what do I need to wear? 

For most ANSW events you must register and pay on line at their website before the event. There will be no on the day registration for the 2023/24 season.

The Uniform is just the standard Ryde uniform of red, white & blue top that is available from the uniform shop at Dunbar and black shorts or skins.


Can I compete at ANSW events if I am a Social Athlete or a Community Athlete at Ryde? 

No, ANSW competitions are only open to full ANSW members. If you are a Ryde Community member you can upgrade your membership to Opens  and ANSW will rebate the $50 Community membership fee off your Open membership so it will only costs another $140. There is no equivalent rebate for Social members given your payment was made to Little A NSW.


Social Activities  

The Senior Division organises various fund-raising activities, which include volunteering on Blackmore’s Marathon, Bunnings BBQ and occasionally cake stalls or BBQ at Dunbar on a Saturday morning. These fund-raising activities are held to keep the Senior Division viable and to also help us support our Senior athletes when they represent NSW interstate or Australia overseas. We would welcome the participation of any athletes and their family members in assisting us at any of these events.


If you are interested in getting into training we can help with some suggestions. Contact details below.


Senior Footprint newsletter  

We will publish Senior Footprint newsletters during the season. If you ever have any results or photos etc. then please send them to lbergfield@hotmail.com.



For more information on Membership please contact Christine Bruntsch at christinebruntsch@iinet.net.au

For registration enquiries please contact Christine Phillips at christine@geneville.com.au

For Publicity, Competition or Coaching enquiries please contact Louise Bergfield at lbergfield@hotmail.com