State Championships

LANSW State Championships

Qualifying athletes can be found here

The HART Sport State Track & Field Championships are the culmination of the track & field competition season.  The  championships will be held Friday 22nd to Sunday 24th March 2024 at  SOPAC (Sydney Olympic Park Athletic Centre).

As with Zone and Region, we need parent helpers to assist the officials and you are a vital component to the success of the event.

• FIRSTLY, we need a TEAM MANAGER who is the “go to” person for issues during the event, does protests, ensures parents are turning up and so on. We need TWO each day.

This year, LANSW are utilising an online sign up program, which allows you to select the specific event that you wish to help with. The online sign up does operate on a first in first served basis. It MUST be done by Wednesday, 16th March. So, don’t wait. Sign up now! Other centres are already onto it.

• Ryde LAC needs to fill X helper slots for general events which are based on an event, not a time. All finish times are approximate only and helpers will be expected to stay at their duty until they are replaced, or their allocated events are completed.

• AND, Ryde needs to provide one (1) helper for Relays (this is only for about an hour or so). This is not on the sign up so email me to claim that spot.

When our duties are full, please email me your availability and you can be a reserve for those who have signed up.

AFTER you have signed up, please email the Championships Officer of Ryde Little Athletics rydelittleachamps@gmail.com to let me know the slot day, time and event you have signed up for. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT as I need to make sure we fill our slots AND I need to email the completed list on 16th March. Our Team Manager also needs to know it.

The Parent Helper duty sign up is HERE – please put RYD in front of your name so others signing up can see how many Ryde parents have signed up already:


Helpers are reminded that for safety reasons you should wear enclosed shoes, not thongs or loose sandals, especially on throws events. If anyone turns up without closed in shoes, they will still be required to assist, but will be moved to another area.
Helpers are also reminded to be ‘sun safe’. They should set an example to the athletes by wearing appropriate clothing and hats, regularly applying sunscreen and hydrating.
Thanks everyone

Ryde AC Director and Championships Officer

The program and carnival information will be available here. Please check the timetable of events now as event day, order and times differ from the Zone and Region timetables. Please also be aware that no announcements for events are called at these championships. It is a timed program with call room and event start times – athletes need to be aware of call room times and arrive at the appropriate marshalling tent at, or before, the call room time. Also note, some events are conducted on the warm-up track, adjacent to the main track; these events are designated with a “W” on the event number in the program.