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State Championships

LANSW State Track and Field Championships 2016-17 Season

The LANSW State Track and Field Championships will be held on Friday to Sunday 17-19 March, 2017 at Sydney Olympic Park Athletic Centre.

The list of all qualifiers by Centre has been finalised. Please check to see if you are one of Ryde's 52 athletes to qualify for the 2017 State Track and Field Championships.

For all information in relation to the State Track and Field Championships please click here to  visit the Little Athletics NSW Website - State Track and Field Championships page. Please ensure that you check the timetable of events carefully as event day, order and times differ from the Zone and Regional Championships timetables. Please be aware that no announcements for events are called at these Championships. It is a timed program with call room and event start times. Athletes need to familiarise themselves with call room times and arrive at the appropriate marshalling tent at, or before, the call room time. Some events are conducted on the warm-up track, adjacent to the main track. Please check the program carefully as these events are designated with a "W" on the event number in the program.

A duty roster has been emailed to families of qualifying athletes. Please assist by volunteering for a duty. Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.