Registration for the 2019/20 season open on August 1st 2019. Collection Day will be August the 18th




Mid-week coaching is available to all registered athletes in the Under 6 to Under 17 age groups at Dunbar Park. A good coin donation is welcomed to assist in purchasing new coaching equipment.

Weekly Online Coaching Sign Up - Welcome to the new Online Coaching Sign Up System for weekly coaching sessions. The online system replaces the weekly sign on sheets previously found on the Noticeboard outside the Clubhouse on a Saturday morning. Pre booking is essential to help manage numbers at training sessions.

Please click here to view available Coaching Sessions and to Sign Up your athlete. Due to unforeseen circumstances coaches may need to make changes to their schedules. Therefore, it is encouraged that athletes only sign up for 1 week in advance.

As this is a new system, there may be teething problems. If you would like to provide feedback or for further enquiries please contact: 


  • Athletics is a late development sport. Many of our state and national champions joined the club at an early age and competed in a variety of disciplines before discovering the event they excelled at. We aspire to provide all our young athletes with as much variety and opportunity as possible.
  • The youngest athletes enter the club in the Academy Level 1 Fundamentals developing the skills and competences needed to support them as the progress to train at higher levels.
  • As these skills are learnt and children progress, training moves towards developing stamina so that they can be guided into more specialist areas.
  • At the outset, we aim to provide an inclusive environment where the breadth of athletics can be explored.

To view the Training Curriculum that Ryde Athletics follows please click here.

Stages of Development Little Athletics recognises that children are not simply small scale adults. As such, Little Athletics is divided into a number of stages, with the desired outcomes for each stage providing a suitable environment for the enjoyment and development of the participant. In combination, the stages provide a smooth progression to lifelong sporting activity, whether at a competitive or social level. Please click here to view the Stages of Development.


  • The club is self-financed and run by volunteers.
  • We are always in search of help, either to coach, officiate or manage. Most of our help is provided by parents, some of whom have gone on to officiate at higher level events.

Training Days and Times

  • Training Days are Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons commencing at various times – please see the table below for an overview of available events.
  • Pre booking is essential to help manage numbers at training sessions. Athletes who wish to participate will need to add their name to the weekly Coaching Online Sign Up System
  • Training commences  mid September (after the second week each season) and concludes the week prior the State Championships. A break also occurs over the Christmas/New Year period. Updated information shall be announced at Saturday morning competition or placed in The Footprint or on the website. 
  • A parent or guardian must attend training to supervise their child/ren, assist with the training activities, and help set up and pack away.

Further Information and Becoming A Coach

  • Coaching is an extremely rewarding experience, especially when a young athlete tells you through a huge smile how they achieved a personal best. The sense of achievement as your athletes improve is wonderful. New coaches are always welcome. We can assist with coach education and mentoring. We will ensure that you feel part of the team. No experience is necessary. If you would like to gain some coaching qualifications and join our team as a coach, please email
  • The LANSW website also lists coaching courses available throughout the year.


Training Days and Times

Coach Fundamentals Age Groups Start Time - Post Daylight Saving Athlete Support
Portia Amy-Wilson Fun and Play based activities U6 - U8 17:30 Wednesday Rosemary Pynor and Taya Chamberlain
Coach Track Event Age Groups Start Time - Post Daylight Saving Athlete Support
Lynda Calder Hurdles All 16:30 Tuesday  
Dani Zepeda Sprints All 17:30 Wednesday Portia Amy-Wilson and Sarah Brown
Jon Baker Middle Distance U10 and above 17:30 Wednesday Dale Boccabella
Melissa Chandler Walks All 17:30 Wednesday  
Coach Field Event Age Groups Start Time - Post Daylight Saving Athlete Support
Tristan Tall Long and Triple Jump U12 and above 17:00 Tuesday  
Julie Reynolds Shot All 16:30 Wednesday  
Simon Bergfield Discus All 16:30 Wednesday Rachel Fairhall
Darren Fairhall Javelin U11 and above 17:30 Tuesday  
Lynda Calder High Jump Athletes who use Scissor technique 16:30 Wednesday (Scissors alternate time each week)  
Lynda Calder High Jump Athletes who use Flop technique - U11 and above 17:30 Wednesday (Flop alternate time each week)  
Andrew Wilson Long and Triple Jump U11 and younger 17:30 Wednesday Sarah Brown